Some say that best things in life are free and our fun-loving ladies would gladly waive the fee altogether, but nails, makeup, hair, perfume and designer clothes don’t come cheap. We offer great deals for multiple hours and, of course, to old friends! Our competitive recruiting policy ensures your complete satisfaction while our lowest referral fees guarantee you the best possible for first-class service.

RATES:  All Inclusive,  but feel free to share more!

  • $150/hour for tours around town with a 4 hour minumum.
  • $500 for up to two Hours for a Private Visit or dinner at Your Resort or Home.
  • We have out of town rates also.

Payment:  Can only be made in cash and should be given to your Model/escort within the first fifteen minutes of the meeting. US Dollars, Euros can be taken for your convenience. Note that we are unable to accept payment by credit card.

For detailed information and to arrange for a date please CALL, email us at:john@mygirlkeywest.com  to speak with one of the girls

All appointments require a Full name and phone number that we can discreetly verify. Outcalls also require a verifiable address. For hotels, we will need to call you back through the hotel desk, and so will need the registered name for the room.

Terms for Bookings  If you are in Key West then you have a 1 hour minimum booking time. Up keys – 2 hours.

TOURS TERMS: Covering all traffic expenses; Guaranteeing confidence to every model;
No right to use original photo;-video materials of our models for commercial &/or Any purposes without their approval !

Overnight or all day booking.  An overnight booking is typically 9-12 hours in duration and can start at any time from Afternoon to Midnight, or you can begin a Nighttime Adventure starting between 8:00pm and midnight.  Please make Reservations in Advance, when possible, to help you plan a fun and adventuresome Day or Evening with your Model/Companion, and for Donation Amounts required for extended visits!

Any model has full right to discontinue a meeting at the place if a good reason arises.         In other words, always be a gentleman, considerate, and never explicit or vulgar with your Companion!

Explanation of Escort Hour Rates.  All of our sophisticated models live in Key West or the lower keys. Our high class Key West Girls stand head and shoulders above those of many escort agencies. We only accept applications from girls that have attended College, some speak two or three languages, and are well versed in the latest of affairs happening around the world. Your Key West Girl Friend will be able to maintain intelligent conversations with you and your associates, if you were to introduce her to them at an event or a social gathering.

Our Key West Girl Friend not only look chic and high-class, they are chic and high-class. They are accustomed to fine treatment and to treating you fine. The inevitable result is that you are bound to relish every minute of your exotic date for their elegance and sophistication.

We service only Key West and the lower Keys. After an introduction evening we are happy to accommodate traveling internationally. Because of South Florida’s strategic geographic location, a weekend trip to the Caribbean with one of these fabulous girls is no longer just a fantasy. We make it happen for you. We have a First Class 24 Hours escort agency.

While gorgeous women enjoy keeping others in suspense, they prefer Advanced Notice when it comes to their own schedules. We strongly recommend making an Advanced Reservation for the same reason you would call a popular restaurant well ahead of time if you are planning to dine out: a reservation often makes a difference between being seated in the VIP section or somewhere next to the kitchen. Making a reservation with us well in advance ensures that your date arrives right on time and is the exact same person you wanted to see and not your second choice. Keep in mind that the prettiest Girl Friend/escort girls are often spoken for early on, so if you have your heart set on a specific gal, call in advance. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule: if you are a repeat customer we will go that extra mile for you but even then there is only so much we can do on a busy night.

Hugs and Kisses,

From all of us at My Girl Key West ……

Satisfaction guaranteed  Client satisfaction is of paramount importance and we are always glad to hear feedback – be it good or any other comments.  If one of our girls fails in any way to meet your expectations, please contact us immediately.